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Top Crypto Cashback Options Introduced in Fall 2021

The modern world has to offer such a wide variety of services and products that businesses have to compete with each other and come up with creative ways in order to attract the highest number of customers possible. For this reason, many companies have implemented special loyalty programs which encourage customers to keep using the same brand. One of the loyalty features which has for a while been a big trend in the financial industry is cashback. The cashback system is already available in many banks and shopping services. Since it has become one of the main features customers look for when choosing a product, more and more companies try to include the cashback option into their list of tools. 

Most people associate cashback with regular fiat currencies, but not many know that cashback features are already available in many crypto services too. That’s right, receiving passive cashback profit in digital money is an actual possibility! The news might encourage folks who have been on the sidelines to finally start using crypto currencies. 

We have reviewed the latest crypto cashback-related news and have chosen the best offers for you in this article. Let’s see what platforms have decided to give crypto rewards to their customers this fall. 

DSFR Establishes a Tie-up with Mycashbackworld

Digital Swiss Frank, a Switzerland based cryptocurrency entity, has announced that it is going to start a new strategic partnership with a popular e-Commerce platform, Mycashbackworld. DSFR hopes that the tie-up is going to bring cryptocurrencies, including DSFR tokens, to mainstream commerce. 

The DSFR cryptocurrency is built on the robust Polygon (Matic) network and secured by an open-source blockchain. The company aims to make crypto exchanges flexible and let customers profit from cashback and discounts while shopping. 

Mycashbackworld is one of the top e-Commerce platforms with over 15 millions users worldwide, offering amazing shopping deals with cashback and discounts on all purchases. 

The partnership means that users will be able to receive crypto rewards from shopping. The average amount of cashback will be 5% in DSFR tokens from each purchase. Customers will be able to get kickbacks through the myWorld’s app or official website, but first, they will have to obtain the myWorld’ card. 

ChangeNOW Launches a Cashback Feature is a non-custodial limitless instant crypto exchange service offering quick and registration-free crypto swaps. Recently, ChangeNOW has implemented a cashback feature which is now available for all registered users. It will let customers receive 0.1% cashback in platform’s native NOW tokens from every crypto transaction with the maximum amount of 1000 NOW per month. 

All the settings related to accrual rate and limit as well as the cashback history and balance can be looked up and managed through one’s personal account on the ChangeNOW website. The cashback profit can be used for future transactions or withdrawn at any time.

ChangeNOW is one of the first exchange services to launch a crypto cashback program which is still rarely found in other crypto exchange swaps. This way, users, who often exchange their currencies, can win a pretty good profit from every transaction. ChangeNOW also offers special referral rewards to its partners. 

Cashback on the New ZoidPay’s Chrome Extension 

ZoidPay is a platform that allows users to make purchases online and pay with their digital assets. Having been on the market for 3 years, the service has now announced that it is going to launch its own Chrome Extension in order to make shopping with crypto currencies even more accessible. A big benefit of using the extension is a possibility of receiving cashback in ZPAY tokens from every purchase when paying with most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB and others. 

ZoidPay supports over 40 million online retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. ZoidPay users will be able to get kickbacks from buying different kinds of things, for example, when shopping for food or clothes, booking flights or hotels, etc.

The developers of ZoidPay promise that the extension is going to be safe, easy to use and suitable for both novice and professional crypto enthusiasts. Apart from cashback, it will include other useful features such as loans, staking and more. The ZoidPay Chrome Extension is expected to be available worldwide by November 2021.

THG to Offer BTC Cashback Thanks to Its New Partnership with Mode

Mode, a UK-based fintech platform, is partnering with an eCommerce company, THG. THG represents a large number of brands used by more than 30 million customers, who will now be able to receive cashback in Bitcoin from their online purchases, thanks to the tie-up with Mode. 

UK customers will be receiving Bitcoin rewards with the help of the Mode’s QR based payments method. It will be incredibly easy to shop using cryptocurrencies and get Bitcoin cashback through the Mode’s mobile app. New Mode’s users will be getting 10% in Bitcoin back from their purchase, while existing customers are going to receive 5% from every product they buy.

The crypto kickbacks will be available only when shopping at 31 THG’s partners, but the number of supported stores is expected to be expanded soon. 

This partnership is supposed to make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies more accessible to shoppers and integrate it into mainstream commerce.

CoinCorner to Provide Bitcoin Cashback to the Ex Coinfloor Users 

CoinCorner, a UK-based Bitcoin exchange platform, has announced that it is going to acquire its counterpart Coinfloor’s customer base and internet domains. Coinfloor users who decide to move to CoinCorner will be able to use a wide range of useful features, including cashback.

Coinfloor emerged in 2013 and became the longest-running BTC exchange in the UK. The decision to merge services was made as an effort to make Bitcoin more accessible to the British public. The Coinfloor users were given one month to decide whether they want to move to the CoinCorner platform or close all their Coinfloor accounts and withdraw the funds. 

CoinCorner provides many advanced features both to its existing customers and previous Coinfloor users. CoinCorner is going to support debit cards and BTC loans soon. Lightning payments and Bitcoin cashback are already available on the platform. Users can earn up to 40% in BTC back while shopping. 


In conclusion, we have reviewed some of the most exciting crypto cashback features that have been launched this fall. You now know where you can shop or exchange currencies and receive crypto cashback for it. 

As we can see, digital money is being brought to mainstream commerce with phenomenal speed. It is already possible to make profit in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, even by seemingly doing nothing. So, why not go for it? We encourage you to try one of those cashback options offered in this article or do your own research and choose the best deal for you. 

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