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These are some of the best and most exciting blockchain projects on Avalanche today

Avalanche (AVAX) is a state-of-the-art DeFi ecosystem that provides a platform for the development of a wide range of blockchain and DeFi products. Hundreds of projects are already building on Avalanche and the network has seen massive growth in recent months. Here are its notable highlights:

  • Avalanche (AVAX) has soared in 2021, growing by 1500% and gaining a market cap of $30 billion

  • Hundreds of innovative and exciting DeFi projects have already launched on the network with more expected to come.

  • The Avalanche network is promising better speeds and lower gas fees compared to Ethereum

Well, in case you want some exposure in DeFi through some of the projects already running on Avalanche, here are two notable names to consider today.

BenQi Finance (QI)

BenQi (QI) is a liquidity market protocol on Avalanche designed to facilitate the borrowing and lending of a wide range of digital assets. The protocol has over $2 billion in supplied assets so far. It has also remained one of the projects bringing immense value to Avalanche. 

Data source:

In fact, Ava Labs, the company behind the entire Avalanche ecosystem, has invested in BenQi. QI is the native governance token for BenQi. It was trading at $0.1507 at a press time. QI also had a market cap or around $49 million, something that suggests more growth potential could still be unlocked in the future.

Pangolin (PNG)

Pangolin (PNG) is a decentralised exchange designed for both Avalanche and Ethereum assets. The premium DEX is developed by Ava Labs and is earmarked to become one of the major DEXs on the network. 

Pangolin offers fast transaction speeds, support for various assets, and low fees. Its native token PNG was trading at $0.9678 at press time with a market cap of nearly $66 million.

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