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The best new and upcoming crypto projects to buy into in 2022

If there is anything we learned from the crypto market in 2021 is that getting in early matters. Projects in blockchain have typically experienced explosive growth, and those who invested early tend to rip off the biggest reward. Although there are still some risks, here is are some of the reasons why buying new and upcoming crypto projects makes sense:

  • You simply get in while the price is still low and ride the upward momentum in the future if the crypto explodes.

  • Since the price is still low at the start, the overall downside risk is relatively low compared to assets that have already peaked.

  • Most new crypto projects are likely to achieve important developmental milestones in the future, something that bumps up the price.

Now, if you are looking for new and upcoming crypto projects to start investing in, we have two options here worth your attention:

Pulse Prediction Markets (PULSE)

Pulse Prediction Markets (PULSE) is an innovative DApp built on the NEAR ecosystem. The app is designed to use the power of Flux Oracle to resolve common prediction market issues and provide accessible and efficient platforms for users. The project is run by traders using the Pulse DAO where PULSE, the native governance token is used to influence administrative decisions. 

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As one of the core projects on NEAR, Pulse is still very nascent and offers superb potential for future growth. At the time of reporting, it was trading for $0.1589, up nearly 25% in 24 hours.

Bit Hotel (BTH)

Bit Hotel (BTH) is an upcoming play to earn social blockchain game. The project is in the high potential gaming metaverse section and promises to rival other popular blockchain games like Axie Infinity. The native token BTH is the main in-game currency and can be used for governance as well. At the time of writing, BTH was trading for $0.1808.

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