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The best low-cap Stablecoins that could explode in 2022

Stablecoins are digital assets whose value is based or derived from the value of another underlying asset, mostly another cryptocurrency, fiat currency, or commodity like gold. These coins are used to hedge against market volatility. In recent months, market-wide volatility in the crypto space has been huge, and as such, the growth of Stablecoins has surged. Here are some highlights:

  • In 2021 for example, the Stablecoin market was up by nearly 450% to hit a valuation of $150 Billion.

  • Last month, US Treasury Secretary Janel Yellen admitted that Stablecoins have the potential to support payment systems

  • These coins are expected to keep growing in 2022, with triple-digit growth already in the cards

But what if you are not interested in large-cap Stablecoins like Tether or Binance USD? Well, here are some low cap coins that could explode in value next year: Here they are:

PAX Dollar (USDP)

Pax Dollar (USDP) is a flat collateralised Stablecoin that was founded in 2018. The coin is hoping to use blockchain to help stabilise the US dollar against other fiat currencies. Stablecoin is also planning to develop an advanced ecosystem that would make it easier for people to mobilise digital assets in a more efficient manner. 

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At the time of writing this post, USDP was trading at $0.9993. The stablecoin also had a market cap of slightly below $1 billion. There is still room for the coin to grow even further next year.

TerraKRW (KRT)

For investors looking for Stablecoins with a significantly low market cap, then TerraKRW (KRT) is a good place to start. Terra basically offers investors a network of “price-stable” crypto assets that are pegged to the leading fiat currencies in the world. The coin at the time of writing was trading at $0.0008537. Besides, with a market cap of around $36 million, there is still a lot of value to be unlocked here.

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