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The best cross-chain DEX tokens to buy today

Decentralised exchanges or DEXs have become quite popular in the crypto space partly because of the security and privacy that they offer. However, cross-chain DEXs in particular are quite incredible. After all, they allow investors to swap crypto assets across various blockchains without incurring high gas fees. Here is why these exchanges are important:

  • DEXs offer permissionless and non-custodial transactions, something that makes them more secure and private.

  • These exchanges are also highly scalable and could conceivably become as dominant as centralised exchanges in the future.

  • The biggest challenge with DEXs is maintaining high liquidity by cross-chain platforms can solve this.

In case you believe in cross-chain DEXs and the future they have, there are two tokens you should check out and buy if you can. Here they are:

1Sol (1SOL)

1Sol (1SOL) is a DEX aggregator that works across chains to find and bring available liquidity in one single place. It is the native DEX aggregator for Solana and is designed to help reduce gas fees, slippage, and enhance speeds in transactions. 

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The protocol also hopes to address the demand for DEX aggregators on Solana. The native governance token for this platform is called 1SOL. At the time of writing, the token was trading at $1.06. 1SOL also has a fully diluted market cap of around$105 million with a lot of upside growth potential.

SolanaX (SOLD)

SolanaX (SOLD) is a cross-chain automated market maker protocol designed to facilitate fast crypto swaps in a fully permissionless and decentralised manner. The platform is built on Solana but also has cross-chain interoperability with Ethereum. This makes it a versatile DEX with enhanced liquidity, low trading fees, and faster transaction speeds. 

SolanaX also wants to create a comprehensive ecosystem of DeFi apps, including a fully decentralised auction protocol, the SolanaX prediction market, and others. At the time of writing, its native token SOLD was selling for $0.1061.

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