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Forget about the 2022 crypto slump: These are still the best altcoins to buy now

The broader crypto market is rebounding today after a choppy start to 2022. As investor sentiment starts to improve, we are likely to see prices recover, consolidate, and surge in the near term. So, what are some of the altcoins to buy? Well, here is some criterion to follow:

  • It helps if the coins are backed by strong long-term fundamentals and not hype and speculation.

  • These tokens also have a relatively low market cap, suggesting the potential for growth is high.

  • Also, the altcoins must be doing great things that will ultimately help increase their value in the long run.

Well, even with the 2022 slump, we still think that the three altcoins below are perfect buys for the year.

Aave (AAVE)

Aave (AAVE) is one of the most promising decentralised finance protocols. The platform is designed to help people lend and borrow crypto assets. At press time, the native token AAVE was trading at around $215.30, up about 6.5% in intraday trading. 

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AAVE also has a market cap of around $2.9 billion, something that suggests there is enough upside there for more growth in the future.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos (ATOM) markets itself as an alternative to traditional blockchain networks designed to offer faster speeds, low costs, and scalability. It is one of the most highly rated blockchain projects this year and its native token ATOM is also surging. At the time of writing, ATOM was selling for $39.94, up nearly 8% in 24 hours.

Serum (SRM)

Serum (SRM) is the main decentralised exchange or DEX on Solana. It strives to offer users safe, fast, and secure transactions by leveraging the scalability of the Solana chain. Serum is currently trading at $3.11 with a market cap of $414 million. This makes it a very prime option for investors who would love to unlock its long-term potential.

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