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Best altcoins to buy for the end of 2021 – Analysis and price prediction

The crypto market has run into some turbulence this month. Key assets, including mega-cap coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have all seen consistent slumps in December. Altcoins too have not been spared, shedding some of the gains they made in 2021. But even with this slump, the crypto market is still outperforming other assets classes by miles.

  • Bitcoin for instance is up 104% for the year even though its 30% down from all-time highs

  • Even a bear market at the end of 2021 is not enough to wipe out these incredible gains

  • Crypto, including altcoins, still remain growth assets for 2022.

So, with these facts, it makes sense that investors would want to get exposure to crypto before 2021. Here are two altcoins you should consider and why:

Polygon (MATIC) – Performance and Analysis

If you think Bitcoin’s 104% surge in 2021 is nothing short of a miracle, then Polygon (MATIC) is about to blow you away. Year to date, the altcoin is up a ridiculous 11, 556%. The good thing about Polygon (MATIC) is that much of its growth has got nothing to do with speculative trading. It’s actually a very good asset with impressive underlying fundamentals. Because of its unique status within the Ethereum ecosystem, its value is going to keep growing even in 2022.

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Terra (LUNA) – The future is bright

Just like Polygon (MATIC), Terra (LUNA) has also seen wild gains this year, growing by a whopping 11, 676%. The coin is likely going to expand even further in 2022. Terra is a blockchain protocol designed to develop and deploy global payment systems using stablecoins pegged on fiat currencies. LUNA is currently ranked among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap and we expect this to continue in the long term. So, if you don’t have it in your portfolio already, it’s time to bag it.

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