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2 of the best relatively unknown instant crypto swap exchange tokens to buy

Instant crypto swap exchanges have become quite popular in recent years. After all, crypto investors have always been looking for exchange platforms that offer low fees, low slippage, and instant swaps between a huge variety of crypto assets. Here is why these exchanges are growing very fast:

  • Crypto swap exchanges are fully decentralised and as such, they are non-custodial and permissionless, giving you extra security.

  • As decentralised exchanges address liquidity challenges in the future, instant swap exchanges will benefit the most.

  • The exchanges offer a secure more private way to exchange crypto from peer-to-peer, something most investors prefer.

Uniswap (UNI) is by far one of the most popular crypto swap exchanges. But the following 2, which happen to be relatively unknown, are very good investments right now.

BakerySwap (BAKE)

BakerySwap (BAKE) is a De-Fi platform that provides crypto swaps. Like Uniswap (UNI), BakerySwap uses an automated market maker protocol to enhance liquidity and keep fees low. The project is built on the Binance Smart Chain and strives to offer an all-in-one De-Fi ecosystem for its clients. 

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At the time of reporting, BAKE, its native platform token, was selling for $1.15. The token also has a market cap of around $220 million. This means that the potential to grow even further is there, especially when you consider that BakerySwap (BAKE) was launched in 2020.

LuaSwap (LUA)

LuaSwap (LUA) is a multichain automated market maker protocol that allows for instant crypto swaps within its DeFi ecosystem. The platform has also developed innovative features to bridge liquidity across various chains, giving users more flexibility and convivence when they trade. 

Its native governance token is called LUA, and at the time of writing, it was selling at $0.06285 with a market cap of around $8.5 million. LUA is also not yet available in many major exchanges. Future growth potential is therefore quite good.

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